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How GenZ is changing the world


Join corporate strategists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and style-setters as we explore how GenZ is likely to revolutionize entertainment, shopping, banking, traveling, working, living, and more.

On December 7th, Orange Fab is hosting a one-day intensive workshop on the latest insights and strategies for successfully engaging the next generation of entrepreneurs and creatives: GenZ. 

As if trying to drive digital transformation for your Fortune 1000 company so it can keep up with disruptive Unicorns built by--and for--Millennials isn’t enough of a challenge, it’s quite likely those Millennial-built companies will make adjustments to GenZ preferences easier and faster than legacy brands.

At Orange, our brand strategy is built around these six fundamental human-centric ideas: Home, Well-being, Family, Work, Money, and Fun. GenZ is already shaping up to be the vanguard of radical reinvention across these realms. What does Home look like to a generation that wants Work to be Fun, and come with flexible hours? If your business model involves lending, what does debt look like to a GenZ who is already thinking about retirement savings in their teenage years? It is time to put away assumptions and focus on what experts, practitioners, and the Millennials who build the services GenZ loves can teach us. 


#anticipate | Morning: overview
After Millennials disrupted the Present, how does GenZ see the Future? How will they shape politics, climate change, the economy?

#engage | Mid-morning: Content, Authenticity, and ECommerce
Meet influencers with followers in the millions. Hint: you won’t find them on Facebook.

#lunch | Midday: Take a break to enjoy some food and mingle.

#impact | Early afternoon: Living, Working, and Commuting
GenZ is urban, but can she afford an apartment? A car? We'll discuss what the GenZ lifestyle looks like and to what effect on the environment.

#disrupt | Late afternoon: Tech, AI, and Business
Millennial disruption of the analog and incumbent worlds means GenZ works and plays with tech companies younger than her parents. Coming into a world generated by code, and working with tools increasingly powered by AI, what will GenZ create?



Earlier Event: November 9
Booze 'n Grooves Happy Hour