Meet our Season 4 startups and new corporate partners

Meet our Season 4 startups and new corporate partners

We’re continually inspired by the startups we’ve worked with at Orange Fab, both during our 3-month program and well after graduation. On the brink of our 2nd birthday – hard to believe it’s already been two years since we burst on the scene – we’ve already launched commercial engagements or pilot programs for several of our startups, with more in the pipeline. (We can tell you more about this soon.) But this growth process is very much a two-way street: In turn, we get to learn from some of the most resourceful teams in the business how to tackle diverse problems from the ground up.

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce our most ambitious Orange Fab season yet. These startup teams are doing big things across big data analytics, agriculture, machine learning and more. (Seriously. We can’t stop humming this song.) Read about our startups here, and watch this space for more announcements soon.


If 2014 was the year of big data, 2015 is the year of figuring out how to lasso it properly. Ersatz Labs is a GPU-backed platform for building machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Powered by open-source libraries, Ersatz Labs provides efficient web-based processing and assistance with data wrangling, machine learning, and model deployment. Learn more about Ersatz Labs here.

Malicious hackers are everywhere, increasingly targeting business, banks and their customers. Crysp develops user behavior risk analytics for banks, retailers and other online service providers, deriving real-time risk intelligence from users’ behavior patterns, device fingerprints, anonymized locations and behavioral biometrics – such as typing rhythm and touch-related sensor data – to strengthen security and keep internet intruders out. Learn more about Crysp here.

No need to lose sleep worrying about elder relatives and friends who live alone. GeriJoy provides affordable, engaging senior care through customizable, tablet-based avatars supported by a global care team that offers 24/7 companionship, supervision, and care management support. GeriJoy has documented benefits in care situations in a variety of settings. Learn more about Gerijoy here.

Imagine feeding 10,000 people on 3 acres using 90% less water, and a world where food production can be distributed evenly – with no GMOs and less waste. This is the vision driving IUNU, an energy-efficient plasma lighting and control system for indoor agriculture. IUNU makes it possible to program ideal growing conditions for plants; learn more about IUNU here.

By now, you might have a number of appliances in your home that connect to the Internet – the frontier now known as the “Internet of Things”. ivee is a voice-activated assistant for your home – integrating with Nest, Hue, WeMo, SmartThings, Staples Connect, Spotify and others to serve as a one-stop hub for all your gadgets around the home. Learn more about ivee here.


Managing multiple attachments and cloud storage systems can be a frustrating experience, particularly in the enterprise sector. MxHero seamlessly ties email to the cloud, enabling radical productivity gains. Learn more about MxHero here.

tubeScience is an audience network built specifically for online video. Powered by deep statistical models of viewer and YouTube algorithm behavior, tubeScience allows brands and agencies to accurately predict which video ads and influencer campaigns generate peak audience engagement, and to deliver them at scale. Learn more at tubeScience here.

Who among us has *not* had at least one – or several –  bad customer service experiences? Owner Listens bridges the gap between business owners and their customer base with a real-time customer service platform through text or IM. With Owner Listens, owners and managers can respond to feedback from their personal email or mobile phones, helping to grow a happier and more responsive customer base. Learn more about Owner Listens here.

Increasingly, businesses adopt a “mobile first” approach launching new products, services and content – but unfortunately, traditional data plans don’t adequately serve those needs. Syntonic bundles 4G access with web services, content and applications to open up a world of products, services and business models. Best of all, no device or application modifications are required. Learn more about Syntonic here.

If you’re looking to automate and protect your home, Sentri is your simple, plug-and-play solution. Sentri provides real-time monitoring of your home’s well-being in one customizable screen to match your lifestyle. Connect and track all your smart devices with no contracts or complex setup required. Learn more about Sentri here.

SnapUp allows shoppers to easily track and organize the products they want through a simple screenshot. SnapUp automatically tracks the price and availability of the products, lets you manage and share lists, and informs you about similar and related products – making shopping fun, fast, and efficient for users. Learn more about SnapUp here.

Businesses of all sizes send millions of old-fashioned surveys every day, yet online survey software hasn’t changed in years. Survmetrics is a platform helping thousands of businesses create mobile-ready surveys that bring market research into the modern ages, generating a 34% higher response rate or more. Learn more about Survmetrics here.

New Corporate Partners

With season 4 in motion, we’re already looking forward to two Demo Days – one here in San Francisco and one in Paris – where our startups have the chance to present their products to investors, executives and mentors within our network. Our network is our #1 asset at Orange Fab – which is why we’re very excited to announce new additions to our Fab Force program.

Fab Force, our corporate partner program for startup growth and distribution, welcomes three new members: AXA, Airbus, and Total. They join Visa, Hilton, LG, Moet Hennessey, Fnac, Morpho, and our parent company Orange in our initiative connecting startups with the most influential brands in the world. We’re constantly working to expand our base of partners, and with it the growth and distribution potential for our startups.

Finally, we’re already looking ahead to our next season – if you’re interested in learning more or applying, follow us to stay posted on events, announcements and upcoming application cycle.

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